a student-run co-op in the basement of the lulu at Wellesley College. come by, grab some nachos and be happy!

Hours: Sun-Thurs 7pm-1am Fri-Sat 8pm-2am

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    Hi Seniors,

    I have just been informed by the Office of Student Activities that there is a shipment of 150 hoops that will arrive at the Campus Center today. I will open Cafe Hoop at 4:00 to begin selling hoops on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will continue to be open until we are sold out of hoops. The hoops are now $10, exact change only, one hoop per student. We also ask that only seniors without hoops purchase hoops today to ensure that every senior has the opportunity to purchase one. This price is set by the Office of Student Activities. 

    Although hoops for hoop rolling are sold at Cafe Hoop, we do not have the ability to purchase them or check inventory. This is done through the Office of Student Activities, which administers hoop rolling. We had been informed that there were several hundred hoops in storage that would be delivered to us yesterday. However, when we went to pick them up, there were only fifty hoops. We have done everything in our power to acquire more hoops to sell to our Wellesley siblings, including informing the administration about this situation many times in all possible ways in the past few days.

    Please convey this information to every senior you know. We would like to meet the needs of every student but we may sell out of hoops this afternoon.

    This crisis was completely out of our hands and concerns about hoop rolling can be directed to the Office of Student Activities.

    Cafe Hoop

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